Why practice Zen?

You can be motivated to practice Zen for various reasons. You may be interested in the positive effects of meditation or have a vague or urgent sense that there is more to life. Or you may simply be curious about what a Buddhist-inspired way of life can mean in practice. The common denominator may be the desire to discover what truly matters amidst the cacophony of our daily lives! With this initiative, we want to offer the opportunity for anyone interested in Buddhism and/or meditation to receive Zen instruction and guidance in Twente from an inspiring and recognized Zen teacher who is firmly rooted in the Zen tradition.

There are only a limited number of recognized Zen teachers active in the Netherlands. Therefore, we are pleased to have several authorized White Plum teachers from Zen River willing to visit Twente regularly, with the kick-off taking place on September 26, 2015. A Zen teacher speaks from personal experience, recognizes the pitfalls, and above all, knows the great value of Zen insight that arises when you directly experience reality instead of through your personal baggage. This is highly inspiring and valuable for anyone interested in Buddhism and/or meditation.

The morning sessions take place approximately every two months, tailored to the group of interested individuals. Keep an eye on our website, follow us on Facebook, or email us if you would like to be kept informed.